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Power Tools.
Solving Real Problems.
A Better Way to Buy Motor Fuel

Fleet Power Tools

At Gasology we're connecting the motor fuel marketplace like never before to give fleet managers control over the cost of fuel by giving them more choices to shop from their current and new suppliers.
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A revolutionary new fuel buying experience

Providing the Power Tools that Enable YOU to Choose & Control Your Future
Laptop FIND FUEL_NO MAP 6_22.png
Customizable Search
Search by delivery type, vehicle,etc...
Search for now or any period in the future
Pickup or have it delivered
More Suppliers = Better Pricing
Explore, Discover, Shop, Compare...
all in one place

Choice = Control

Search & discover new choices for today, tomorrow and the future.
Having choices gives you control.


No Cards Needed

Say goodbye to costly fuel cards. Discover customized discounted pricing.



Real-time prices, 
transactions, inventory and more...

No cost to use

No costs for buyers to use.

Bulk Buyer? 
Shop customized pricing for your private bulk motor fuel tanks for today, tomorrow & beyond.
Discover new suppliers or invite your current/favorite suppliers.
Simply click to purchase for period you choose and await delivery. 

Meet the Future of Control

We provide fleet managers with the power tools to BUY the future of motor fuel. Redefining digital innovation.
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Motor Fuel Control Redefined
More Suppliers - More Choices
Customized Real-Time Prices
Real Time Inventory Management
One Click Purchasing
Customized Supplier Payment Terms
Any Fuel

Inventory Planning Redefined

Real-Time Tank Monitoring
Powerful Forecast Tools
One-Click Purchasing/Scheduling
Shop for your Future Needs
Today, Tomorrow & Beyond

Unlimited Possibilities. Unbelievable Power Tools.

Centralized Purchasing & Monitoring
Biz Dashboard w laptop 08_01_22 copy.png

A full view of all your fuel purchasing...

Whether for a private tank, a fleet of 4 or 4,000, one location or hundreds... it's now easy to buy and monitor all fuel purchases, with intuitive tools that allowyou to see and manage fuel positions in real-time.

Join the motor fuel revolution.

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