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More Choices.

A New Paradigm.

Solving Real Problems.

A Better Way to Buy Motor Fuel

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We are:

  • A new disruptive, patented, innovative refined products marketplace

  • A highly experienced team of energy & technology experts, and developers of the most powerful suite of motor fuel web and mobile apps

  • The Future of Motor Fuel

IMAGINE if you could purchase your motor fuel before you were driving around on empty.

IMAGINE if you could shop and compare motor fuel prices for periods in the future, like we do with airline tickets and hotel reservations, and find that prices are 85% of the time LOWER in the future than they are for today.

IMAGINE the control that having such a choice would provide you.


Gasology was founded by energy & technology experts who in their prior careers have helped provide thousands of large companies with choice and control... but wanted to provide such a solution to ALL buyers and sellers. Gasology was founded in 2017 and is headquartered in New Orleans, Louisiana.



noun: gasology

the study of how motor fuel is bought and sold, divided into many specialized fields that cover their economy, scarcity, resources, choice, cost, price, incentives, supply and demand, psychology, behavior, origin and distribution.

  • the motor fuels of a particular area

  • the physiology, behavior, and other qualities of particular motor fuel or class of motor fuels

  • "on-road Gasology"



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Whatever your method of mobility....

Connecting the People of Motor Fuel

We've created a new innovative digital marketplace that allows the producers of motor fuel to provide customized pricing for future delivery periods, bringing the fuel buying experience into a new direction that was never previously available.


The Gasologists

Joe LeBlanc


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Jay Blanton

VP- Business Development

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Parker Drew

VP- Business Development

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Nick DiCosola

VP- Technology & Operations

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Sagy Mintz

VP- International

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Robert Miller

VP- Finance

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Robert Gaffney

Principal Engineer

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Lance Kohs

Director of Customer Success

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Joe Tangney

Associate Software Engineer

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Daniel Weill BW.jpg

Daniel Weill

Senior Software Engineer

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Linda LeBlanc

Director-Human Resources

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Maurice Trosclair

Marketing Director

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Christopher Booth

Software Engineer

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Jon Hourcade

Software Engineer

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Zach IzdepskiBWjpg.jpg

Zach Izdepski

Associate Software Engineer

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Daniel Leblanc

VP Business Development

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