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Project featuring Gasology - Enhancing the Motor Fuel Ecosystem with Innovation & Technology

The Viewpoint with Dennis Quaid Project has showcased such notables at Southwest Airlines, the late Colin Powell and the 41st President of the United States George H.W. Bush among others.  The program’s format highlights the important issues of today and brings useful, educational information to the forefront. 


The segment filmed on May 2, 2022, includes interviews with Gasology CEO Joe Leblanc, as well as clips from VP of Business Development Parker Drew and Dr. Anjali Sheffrin Professor of Energy and Environmental Economics Tulane University.  They discuss solutions for our antiquated and fragmented motor fuel supply chain by interconnecting everyone and at the same time bringing customized forward pricing to the consumer. Gasology’s mission to democratize the motor fuel industry’s connectivity is showcased in this documentary short entitled "Enhancing the Motor Fuel Ecosystem with Innovation and Technology.".

The episode of Viewpoint with Dennis Quaid featuring Gasology will be distributed to more than 170 public television stations throughout the United States, reaching 50 million households throughout the year. The program airs on public television in all 50 states and is also broadcast on Discovery Channel, TLC, FOX Business News, CNBC, Bloomberg TV as well as many other networks across North America. 

You can watch the Viewpoint with Dennis Quaid public television version by clicking here.